Who Are The "G-ANTS"™ ?  Where Did The "G-ANTS"™ Come From?

Why Do The "G-ANTS"™ Seek Out Toy Guns That Look Like The Real Ones,

Crush Up Toy Guns and Put Them in the Lava Tubes to Save The World?

Why Do Some of The "G-ANTS"™  Have Special Powers?

Why Are The "G-ANTS"™  Green!?/.

The Story of the G-Ant begins back in the days of Noah.

When all the creatures instinctively made their way to the Ark,

The King and Queen Ant of the World were included.

Protecting all ant species the Queen Ant was one of the

First off of the Ark climbing on to a tree branch and making a clean exit.


The King Ant wasn't so Fortunate.

He got trampled into the mud during the frenzy to leave

The Ark. He felt like a D.O.G. and Looked like a Chocolate Covered Ant.

Back in the Days of Noah, Every creature was

Huge but only the chosen Few were allowed in the Ark

No more Dinasoars? Other creatures were given the opportunity for a fresh start.

The King Ant was the Last GIANT ANT.


Stuck in the mud for centuries The Giant lay dormant until

Seismic activity had awakened Him.

He still had the last clutch of Giant Ant Eggs tucked away and still safe.

These were the last of the eggs the GIANT ANT had

Saved and now they were his responsibility.

An empty Lava tube was the perfect place to hide his dozen eggs.

They would be safe until their time as long as no lava reached this tube.

So, the King Ant, The GIANT ANT kept monitoring the

Seismic activity to make sure these last eggs were safe.


One day an earthquake came and the eggs were

Dislodged and ended up near a landfill that was

Seeping ooze into the lava tube.

There were harmful chemicals making a toxic soup that

Penetrated their protective sack and they were active as to hatch soon.

A brigade of Army Ants was nearby and had to evacuate.

Sarge of the army ants found them by chance when he was

Triple checking to make sure nothing was left behind.


That's when he saw a strange green glow in the toxic soup.

There was a container of linseed oil that floated to the

Top with the precious eggs attached.

Sergeant Ant volunteered to try and save the eggs.

Little did he know these were not part of his outfit.

These eggs were the last of the Giant Ant Species.

The toxic soup had affected them and to his

Surprise when they hatched,


They Were GREEN !?/


To be continued..........


The Day the Green Ants Hatched was on a day the

Humanoids called EARTH DAY!

The Green Ants were clustered together in groups and different sizes.

Sarge was given the task of naming these strange GREEN ANTS.

This reminded him of Adam in the Garden of Eden naming creatures.

The twins were rather large but identical with opposite personalities.

One of the big twins tried to bite him.

He named them


Next there were triplets.

He named them:                                                                                                                                          SCOUT, SHOUT and POUT/LINSEE.

Those were the eggs that attached closest to the

Linseed container and Pout has an image of the

Linseed oil label on his stomach.

He seems to have a split personality or to be bi-polar.

Then there were 4 more eggs clustered together!

These strange GREEN ANTS were smaller than the others.

They seemed to need more time to grow as they seemed pre-mature.

To Sarge they seemed more like 2 sets of twins

Rather than quadruplets but they did hatch together.

Sarge named them:


BITTY G-ANT cannot speak but has super senses and hearing.

He started calling them the G-ANTS instead of the


Like spinning the I in Giant to make a dash.

Sarge was impressed with himself for being so cleaver.

He wanted to keep these G-ANTS secret as to

Protect them because they were such an awesome oddity.

Then there were 2 more eggs that looked different.

They were stuck together in a strange way.

They were Siamese Twins!

He named them:                                                                                                                      


They were very funny and contradicted themselves constantly.

The UP side of BACKNUP was constantly falling asleep and

It was a riot when he would say “I’m Up" when he would doze off.

Now that all of the G-ANTS had names he could try to keep up with them.

Remember these are GIANT ANTS growing,

Learning and getting mischievous.

Sarge has his work cut out for him.    

To be continued.......

My name is NABBIT. When you see this, it is me!?/
If I Don't Nab It,
Somebody Else Will Grab It!?/
I Travel with My Big Brother to Recycle Even Though He Is Only a Couple of Minutes
Older Than Me According to Sarge.

My favorite episode is when ITTY gets the hiccups and he finds out he can shrink or expand like some other ants we have heard of.
Guns Are Not ToyS

The next morning, the 2 big twins NIPPIT and NABBIT were gone!

Sarge thought because they were pretty big, they

Probably took off on their own and would start a new life elsewhere.

Then there was a commotion, yelling and a tug of war over the

Protective sac that they were hatched in.

Sarge had discarded it in the lava tube, and they were

Fighting over it like nothing else mattered.

SOLO and BACKNUP were fighting over it like crazy.

This was definitely strange behavior for ants, so he

Determined they just hatched together and were not relatives.

This protective sac was pretty gross when he discarded it,

But now dried it looked like the material in an

Air conditioner filter with some lumps.

Finally they worked it out to share this odd security blanket.

They would all be fighting over it. Sarge couldn’t’ figure it out.

Later that day, after tending to the smaller G-ANTS,

BITTY was trying to communicate with him like

Some kind of sign language. ITTY translated.

Bitty said someone is approaching from the east.

He heard something in the distance and being the

Army ant he was, stealthfully going towards the east,

Just to find NIPPIT and NABBIT hauling all sorts of items in a

Wagon they must have built. Sarge thought he was

Dealing with packrats, instead he realized they were the

Best recyclers on the planet.

Gives Going Green a whole new meaning with these

GIANT GREEN ANTS. Everyone was glad to see them as

Instinct must have triggered this behavior.

Now it was falling into place with the G-ANTS taking on

Responsibility for the daily tasks to be done.

BACKNUP seemed to take the haul of items in the Ant Wagon,

Sort and re-purpose items in a very innovative process.

They separated metals, cloth and anything they could re-purpose.

HALO found the highest spot.

SOLO found the lowest spot.

ITTY and BITTY slipped into a side tunnel that was so small

Sarge could barely get his arm in.

SCOUT would stay close to the entrance and only

Wander a little bit, but was getting bolder.

SHOUT was busy trying to mimic voices on a radio that

NIPPIT and NABBIT brought in on the ANTEGON (ant wagon).

POUT just complained constantly and would unsort

All the work BACKNUP had done.

NIPPIT and NABBIT must be nocturnal because

That night they went out into THE UNKNOWN again.

Sarge was an important Army Ant. He had been

Decorated years earlier for a secret mission in

South America involving Rubber Trees and Ants

He did not want to discuss.

They would be up all night if he didn’t tell them a bedtime story.

Most of the stories he told were true.

Sarge realized in a very short time, this is a

Unique one of a kind group that he had taken on.

He was afraid for them and excited at the same time.

To be continued.......

My name is NIPPIT. When you see this symbol it is me.
Nip It In The Bud!?/
Let's Go Ahead and Get it Done.
I Like to Taste and Chew on Everything.
I have a Twin Brother and We Collect Discarded Items to Recycle or Re-purpose.

My favorite episode is when SHOUT makes voices like people on TV and fools Sarge.
Right before dawn the smell of smoke was in the air.
Heat was coming from the lava tube.
Nippit and Nabbit were no where to be found.
They must be on one of their nocturnal adventures.
BACKNUP got the bright idea to start dumping all the
Recycled items into the lava tube to stop it up. Bad move.
It seemed to make the smoke worse.
BITTY started to make all sorts of panic arm flinging
Out of control frantic movements.
ITTY said she was putting out an S.O.S..
Right then NIPPIT and NABBIT came running in with
All of this stuff that looked like they had raided a department store.
Sarge thought he might have to have a talk about stealing
Items that weren't theirs but there were more pressing matters.
It was starting to get pretty hot and in the meantime
BACKNUP started dumping every item they could find
Into the lava tube. In the new batch of stuff from
NIPPIT and NABBIT's excursion there were mannequins,shelving,
Toy guns, fans, wheels,dinnerware and all sorts of one of a kind items.
It was working!?/ The items were finally stopping up the lava tube.
It seemed that something in the composition of the
Toy guns worked the best.
NIPPIT who is constantly trying to bite things,
Earlier had bitten off one of those "orange tip things" from one of the
Toy guns and was chewing like gum.
NABBIT also bit one off and was chewing it.
After being mixed with ant enzyme saliva it started to
Taste funny so NABBIT spit it out and all of a sudden it
Expanded to the size of a bowling ball and stuck to the ground like cement.
NABBIT spit his orange tip thing out and the same thing happened.
Sarge was relived that the lava tube was cooling off.
To his surprise, there must be something up with these toy guns.
Their chemical composition and the heat from the lava tube
Worked almost like cement and was intriguing.
Sarge being leader knew troops without a mission,
Were bound to end up fighting, confused and with no sense of accomplishment.
He decided to give them a mission.
He called them to attention and talked to them about
Knowing your left from wrong and right.
He gave them the mission:
Find all the Toy Guns That Look Like the Real Ones,
Crush them Up and Put them in the Lava Tubes to Save the World!?/
Knowing that it was the toy guns that stopped the
Lava in the tubes really surprised him.

Meet the G-ANTS Soon.
To be continued....... 

My name is HALO. When you see this symbol it is me!?/
I Want to Fly as High as I Can Go.
I'm a Little Shy and No One Knows that I Can Fly.
I Always Pray and Worry About the Other G-ANTS.

My favorite episode is when SARGE figures out there were 12 eggs and only 10 G-ANTS.
Around Midnight Bitty woke up Sarge and no translation was needed.
Something Huge was coming their way from underground.
You could feel the Earth shake like an Earthquake.
A side tunnel opened up deep within the Lava Tube with a big crash that
Woke the other G-ANTS.
BACKNUP said "There's Something Down There"!?/ 
They rigged up a rope and wanted to go down there.
Sarge being their fearless leader ordered that he would go and if he didn't tug on the rope every few minutes,
All of the G-ANTS had never shown fear before. This changed their minds.
As Sarge lowered himself down, he told the others to be quiet and just listen.
Getting closer to the side tunnel he could sense that something was alive in there.
He conquered his fear and swung into the opening.
He saw himself in 2 huge reflecting surfaces. They Were GIANT EYEBALLS
Sarge only had a survival knife, A Wing and A Prayer and was sore afraid shaking.
It was GOD's GIANT KING ANT from Noah's Ark.

He calmed Sarge down and started to tell him the Story of where these
Strange Giant Green Ants came from.
It seem that this GIANT KING ANT was still upset about the journey on the
Ark which was the beginning of the story.
He said that when Noah started building that silly boat, Noah was laughed at and was
Criticized for cutting down all of the good wood.
Back then it had never rained before and it was pretty cool at first.
As the rains came and the Earth flooded, every living creature was going to higher ground.
The creatures instinctively saw the Ark as their refuge as the waters rose.
Strangely enough even the evil Humanoids back then were the last to realize the disaster.
Right before the Ark started to float the doors shut themselves with an
Amazing force and sealed out the water.

So many people and creatures were trying to swim or float.
Hearing the sounds of beating on the sides to let them in and
Final screams was scary and heartbreaking.
As time went on, all you could hear was the water and rain.
We all felt blessed to have been saved and every creature was humbled.
We all helped each other and nothing but hope and faith seemed to pull us through.
It seemed like he could still feel THE PAIN The Great Flood.
Then he told me about being trampled and left for dead.
As he fell into a deep sleep dreaming about ROSES and looking at the first Rainbow.

He told Sarge about hiding the eggs in the Lava Tube and the events that lead to
Sarge being their protector and teacher.
The GIANT KING ANT had watched Sarge deal with The last GIANT ANT EGGS
That had finally hatched.
He would not have interfered but, he needed their help.He wanted to know more about these Toy Guns Stopping up the Lava Tube!?/

To be Continued..........
Good Day.
My name is BITTY.. If you see this symbol it is me!?/
I Cannot Speak.
I Can Sense Everything Coming or Going and Have Super Sensitive Hearing.
I Use Sign Language to Communicate.
I Always Know Secrets Before the Other G-ANTS.

My favorite episode is after SARGE figures out Ant Eggs do not have a protective sac.
The other 2 eggs were DADDY LONG LEGS & MOMMY LONG LEGS hidden in the sac

Greetings.My Name is SHOUT. This is my symbol!?/
My Voice Can Be Very Loud!?/
I Can Mimic Almost Any Voice or Sound I Hear.
I Love to Play Guess What I'm Doing.

My favorite episode is when NIPPIT eats the gross chocolate that has been melted and hardened to make an Ant Super-food that makes us go into a Frenzy!?/
The GIANT KING ANT was Here to Ask for Help.
He was Exhausted From Putting Giant Boulders in the Lava Tubes in the Ring of Fire in Hawaii.
The GIANT KING ANT Explained that When the Earth Was Destroyed by Water and Flooding,
The Next Time Would be by FIRE!?/
This GIANT KING ANT From Back Then Until Now His Eyes Were on the Heavens and the Lava
From Within the Earth's Crust.
This GIANT GREEN KING ANT had already seen Eclipses, Meteorites, and Comets.
Looking to Heaven is a FIREY PLANETOID in this World's Future.  
He is Worried that the End of Time is Near.
Every time it Rains, He Still Feels THE PAIN.
Volcanoes Fire, Molten Lava Flowing, I Said to Me We've Reached the END OF TIME!?/

He Thought if The G-ANTS Can Find Enough Toy Guns,
They Can Stop Up The Lava Tubes to Save The World.
Remember the G-ANTS Could Hear the Conversation and Started to Make a Plan.

To be continued....... 
My Name is SCOUT. This is my symbol.
I like to Go Far Away and Explore New Places and Things.
Sometimes I Go So Far Even Bitty Doesn't Know Where I Am.
I Always Leave a Trail to Follow.
I Always Come Back to My Brothers SHOUT and POUT/LINSEE.

My favorite episode is when the GIANT KING ANT breaks thru the Lava Tube and Scares all of the G-ANTS
As the GIANT KING ANT Thought to Himself as He Had Done for Centuries. He Knew He was in A TIME WAR(P) and Had Played This scenario in His Mind, It Seemed Forever Over and Over.

No One Will Know the Time When the World Will be Destroyed by FIRE!?/
From the Heavens FIRE?
From Deep Within the Earth Lava Flowing?
Or Both Plus THE UNKNOWN!?/
Good Day.
My name is ITTY. If you see this symbol it is me!?/
I Can Translate for My Sister BITTY. 
I Can Change My Body From Regular Size to Microscopic.
I Use Super Melted Chocolate to Get Super Strength.
I Can Eavesdrop and Listen For Information and Secrets.

My favorite episode is when NABBIT finds a Real Gun and Thinks it's a Toy Gun.
My name is POUT/LINSEE
I Have a Split Personality or Bi-Polar.
They tell Me I Do Brilliant Things I Can't Remember
There are Symbols Like a Birthmark That Say Linsee On My Stomach.
Sarge Say it's From the Linseed Oil Label on the Container That Saved All of Us.
This is my symbol!?/

My favorite episode is when I remember what I did!?/
My Name is SOLO.
I like to be Alone and By Myself.
Sometimes I go Far Away Like Scout.
I Get Sad Sometimes and Make Up Songs to Cheer Me Up.
I like Exploring the Lava Tubes.

My favorite episode is when I realize that I Write songs and keep them a Secret that they came from me.

We are BACKNUP. If you see this symbol it is us!?/
We are Siamese Twins.
BACK Side is Male and Really Hyper.
UP Side is Female and Always Sleepy.
We Always Want to Go in Different Directions and Contradict Each Other.
True Story about girl playing a suicide game with a gun and her boyfriend lunged to try to get it away and she got shot in the head. I was in the Medical center parking lot on a full moon night when she died. The little blue man that used to be on top of the building was fading in and out in the haze.
Her real name was Kelly Porter but Kelly Green makes a better story.  

Written by Maurice R. Owens 706-689-0000

Kelly Green,
Is More Than Just a Color in Your Wildest Dreams.
Was Kelly Green.
Wore the Picture Perfect Smile,
Made for the Silver Screen.
On the Other Side,
There Was a Little Girl,
With the Starry Eyes.
Caught Up in a Whirlwind,
Seeking Refuge From the Madness
Dancing in the Night.

Was Kelly Green,
More Than Just a Color in Your Wildest Dreams?
Kelly Green.
Wore the Picture Perfect Smile,
Made for the Silver Screen.

With a Hand Full of Four Leaf Clovers,
And a Bullet To Her Head,
She Fights For Her Life.
Was a Full Moon Night,
With a Haze All Around
She Takes Off on A Flight.
Was Kelly Green,
More Than Just a Color in Your Wildest Dreams?
Kelly Green.
Wore the Picture Perfect Smile,
Made for the Silver Screen.

Kelly Green.
Was the Perfect Method Actor,
That Could Make You Scream.
Kelly Green.
Is More Than Just a Cover for Your Magazine.
Cause On the Other Side,
There Was a Little Girl,
With the Starry Eyes.
She Was Caught Up in a Whirlwind,
Seeking Refuge From the Madness
Dancing in the Night.

Was a Full Moon Night,
With a Haze All Around
She Takes Off on A Flight.

Was Kelly Green,
More Than Just a Color in Your Wildest Dreams?
Kelly Green.
Wore the Picture Perfect Smile,
Made for the Silver Screen.
Kelly Green.
The Perfect Method Actor,
That Could Make You Scream.
Kelly Green.
Is More Than Just a Color in Your Wildest Dreams.
Was Kelly Green.